Recent achievement at a glance

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has declared that an Islamic Arabic University will be establish according to the long demand of Bangladesh Jamiatul Mudarasin and desire of the Ulama Mashaekh and the religious minded people of Bangladesh. After the announcement, activities are under way to establish the University. A committee has been formed for site selection and for formulating necessary laws. All are under process.

Legal process is under way to establish separate Department of Madrasa education. A separate Department in this regard will be constituted soon.

The Provision of appointment of 30% female teachers in the Madrasahs has been liberalized.
Pay discrimination between heads of general education and Madrasah education has been eliminated.
Higher pay scale to the Madrasah teachers and staff has been introduced.

The anomalies in the man power frame-work issued in 2010 by the Ministry of education has been reformed and made-well harmonious.

Manpower frame work for Kamil Madrasha has been amended. Honours courses have been introduced in 31 Madrasas.

Introduction of BME and MME for Madrasah teachers are under way like the teachers of school and colleges.

Free Text books for Madrasah student have been supplied like general students and standard of English and Bengali have been equalized.

Works for preparing syllabus and curriculum of Madrasah education to cope with the demand of the time is going on.

Like general school Ebtadayee final examination and JDC (Junior Dakhil Certificate) examinations are taking place.

Government talent pool system has been introduced for JDC Pass talented students and the issue of stipend for the successful meritorious students in the Ebtedayee examinations is under government’s active consideration.

As like as general education, the development of infrastructure of Madrasa Educational Institution is progressing and 35 model Madrasahs have been established.

In the meantime, the honorable Prime Minister has announced to give pay and allowances to the teachers of separate Ebtedayee Madrasah and steps have been taken in that light. Formulation of guidelines in this regard is progressing.

Nearly 1,50,000 Madrasah teachers have been imparted training this year.