A recent speech of the BJM President in a Special conference-2014

Alhaj A M M Bahauddin said, `There is no alternative for the Islamic Arabic University. The University will turn into a center of Islamic thoughts and also the development and security of Muslim world will be strengthened and if we fail to advance in thoughts, knowledge, science, technology and in their competitions, the entire Muslim world will fail.


Citing the roll strength of the student which rose to 7 million, he said, the strength will increase further. The government has said, `there is financial crisis for setting up Islamic Arabic University. In fact, money is not a factor for the establishment of the Islamic Arabic University. He praised Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid for the progress of works in establishing the University. He said Education Minister has been playing many important roles for the establishment of the University. The Jamiat President hoped, `He will likewise extend his hand with all-out support and cooperation in future’.
Mentioning the students of Madrasas, A M M Bahauddin said, `they are now not only adept in Arabic, Qur’an, Hadiths and Sunnahs, but also showing good results in English and Mathematics. Yet he draws attentions of the Saudi Ambassador on the needs of teachers training and necessary help and assistance for the qualitative development and higher studies in the Madrasa education. While the number of single mothers in the developed world is increasing due to live-together without marriage and divorces, early marriages are given for security and safety. Nowadays this sort of unethical trend is also visible in Bangladesh. In this perspective, 3.5 million girl students are becoming as the ideal and their demands are increasing for their Taqwa, ethics and moralities and Islamic knowledge. They will be the future mothers.

The Jamiat President said, `AIDS, abuse of drugs, adultery have increasing day by day in Australia, Russia, USA along with various countries of Africa. But it is Allah’s Great mercy that Bangladesh is yet free from that curse. In Bangladesh, till now, a section of people from children and adolescent to the youths go to the Mosque and gain Islamic knowledge. Women are seen in Islamic dresses, following the ideals of Islam. But Bangladesh, like other developed countries, will not be free from AIDS, abuse of drugs and adultery, if the influences of Mosques and Madrasas decrease and Islamic education is hampered. The country and the young generation will be destroyed.

Highlighting the plights of the teachers of Ebtedayee Madrasa he said, `These teachers are getting only 13 US dollars. Even an Ebtedayee teacher gets much less than a garment laborer. Yet they are happy. They are dependent on Allah, considering that He is the supreme authority of subsistence. All the 30 thousand Ebtedayee teachers, though they are getting too low a salary, are happy. When Prime Minister and other Ministers were contacted for the issue of the pay scale of the Ebtedayee teacher, they all showed sincerity. But due to the financial constraint the issue was left as usual. They said, `There is no money.’ So he requested the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to consider the issue of the Madrasa Education including Ebtedayee Madrasas. Side by side he was urged by the Inqilab Editor to render help and assistance to the Madrasa Education through Bangladesh Government.

Teachers are not only teachers, but they are also leaders of the society. If any political party wants to arrange such a big gathering, they bring people with money. But noticing only two advertisements in the Daily Inqilab, teachers, representatives along with the teachers who are the leaders of the society across Bangladesh have come sharp to this assemblage of the Jamiatul Mudarreseen.

Citing that the world is facing various problems A M M Bhauddin said, Europe and Africa are facing with the problems of Catholics. In the elections of the countries in the European Union (UK, France, Austria) Ultra Rightist Party i.e. Christians are coming to power. But no word is said there that fundamentalists are coming. The Christians are not; said to be extremists. Thousands of people were killed in countries like Central African Republic, Mexico, Brazil etc., yet no word from any side was heard. None raised questions against it. But all accusations and defamations are for the Muslims. The westerners and Christians are putting all their wealth and resources to the cause of propagating their values and for their think tanks. In comparison with them the Muslim world and the Muslim countries are lagging behind, though some countries are contributing in this regard in some smaller areas. Mentioning Bangladesh is 4th in respect of Muslim population and 1st in respect of Islamic Education taking teachers and students he said, the number of Madrasa teachers and students is higher than the total population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are all anti-terrorist, anti-extremism, anti-fanatic and anti-militancy.
Asserting that Saudi Arabia is the leading Islam and the Muslim Ummah he said, `Al Azhar University in Egypt, Darussalam in Yemen cannot alone lead the Muslim Ummah without Saudi Arabia. In the year 2050, the Muslim population in the world will be 2 billion and Saudi Arabia will lead the vast population. Saudi Arab has the capacity and the skillfulness for this. Bangladesh is a country populated by ninety two percent Sunnis. Here, all are united with the leadership of Saudi Arabia.